Here are the files that Preston spent 10 years into collecting on his BBS (Bulletin Board System) that he ran in the basement of his home in Vienna Virginia. There are near 4,000 files of Masonic Light.

Some of these *.TXT files are actually WordPerfect documents, so open them in MS Work, or WordPerfect, and not a text editor like Notepad. If you see not legible strange characters, you are not using the correct editor to open the files with.

Index of files

This is an index of all files. The listing is in the original BBS format. This listing shows most files as being ZIP’ed. However they have been extracted and put in a folder by the same name. The folder’s will contain a mixture of file types, but mostly text file .TXT. The original .ZIP files are also here.


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³                       HIRAM'S OASIS  THE MASONIC BBS                        ³

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³                    001    General files about Freemasonry                   ³


SHORTS-M        85529  08-08-97  Short witty MASONIC fillers for       **** 

  newsletter editors.  From SRJ and other sources. This ASCII file will grow

  If you have other, PLEASE upload them!! Additional Shorts accumilate in   

  this file. These are MASONIC in flavor                               **** 

SHORTS-S        72317  08-08-97  Short witty SECULAR fillers for Mags. **** 

  or newsletters.  This file will grow as new phrases are added             

  These are Secular (not Masonic) in flavor                                 

1LINERS         60569  08-08-97  Cute one line sayings.  Good for fillers   

NOR-LT57.ZIP    10006  05-13-97  Selections from Allen Roberts' books &     

  A book report by  Thomas Jackson, GS PA, including report of "The Hiram   

  Key" (Read it and form your own opinion!)                                 

FREEMAS.506    328059  05-06-97  Messages from internet  alt.freemasonry    

  news group.  WorldDataNet has finally subscribed to this newsgroup        

  We will carry it ZIPed for your perusal.  For local DC callers, World     

  DataNet has the least expensive gateway to Internet. For further          

  Information dial 703-648-9208 (bbs). (At least 6 Masons are members)      

  this file is 120 days 1/17/97    through  05/06/97 T (6 months)(Not Ziped)

  (lMessages on alt.freemasonry are dwindling to almost nothing.            

FREEMAS.117    160453  01-17-97  Messages from internet  alt.freemasonry    

  news group.  WorldDataNet has finally subscribed to this newsgroup        

  We will carry it ZIPed for your perusal.  For local DC callers, World     

  DataNet has the least expensive gateway to Internet. For further          

  Information dial 703-648-9208 (bbs). (At least 6 Masons are members)      

  this file is 17 days  1/01/97    through  01/17/97 T (6 months)(Not Ziped)

  (lMessages on alt.freemasonry are dwindling to almost nothing.            

DCGLOS97.ASC     3215  12-22-96  GL of DC Officers for 1997                 

WHY_DIDU.ZIP     1708  11-16-96  Why Did You? A short article from an old   

  source, January 1977 New Mexico Freemason, and Southern CA Research Lodge 

STINGFL.ZIP      3703  09-11-96  The Widow's Son An Address given by Past   

  Imperial Pontentate George E. Stringfellow in 1964                        

HAWKES.ZIP       6263  09-11-96  Freemason's Contribution to Freemasonry    

  An address given by Senator Karl Mundt about former Senator Albert W.     

  Hawkes of NJ, to the 1967 Crescent Temple Shrine Class.  Includes a poen  

  "The Man in the Glass"  Execllent for Lodge bulletins                     

DEF-FRMS.ZIP    11213  08-18-96  In Defence of Freemasonry  by W.Bro.       

  Cameron MacKay, From alt.freemasonry news group.   Excellent read!!       

OAHU-496.ZIP     5832  06-26-96  "A Secret Society Opens Its Doors"         

  Article from the Oahu, HI MidWeek newspaper dated 4/24/96 about the Grand 

  Master's Class and Masonry in general.  NEW Thinking!!  MW Benny Ing      

  is a frequent visitor to Concord Lodge.                                   

BOK2READ.ZIP     2154  06-25-96  Listing of the best Masonic books by       

  several promenent Masonic writers and scholars. This List should be       

  posted in every Lodge.                                              ***** 

RITL_DEL.ZIP    17858  01-01-96  THE DELIVERY OF THE RITUAL  by W.Bro       

  Peter Verrall, IMP  from Western Australia Lodge of Research Feb 1995     

  reprinted by the Southern California Lodge of Research               *****

GWMLIB.ZIP     289706  05-11-96  Books and magazines in the GW Mem Library  

  Database of all the books and magazines in the GW Memorial Library, over  

  12,000, including information about each. Unzip the 2 files and you       

  should be able to read with any database program.    In .DBF format       

BOOKLST2 TXT     7361  04-01-96  Listing of books available from Poll       

  Publishing Co. (Scottish Rite, Louisinia)                                 

BANQUET          1699  02-15-96  BANQUET NIGHT    Poem by Rudyard Kipling   

WOMEN-FM.ZIP     3522  01-10-95  Two text files about women in Freemasonry  

  The first by Carolyn C. Campbell, a Freemason in NYC, the other by        

  Rev Neville B. Cryer from an address to the Philalethes Society           

ABE_LINC.ZIP     2871  12-25-95  Abe Lincoln's Axe  by Jim Tresner          

  A short story comparing Abe's Ax with Freemasonry--would make a fine      

  short talk in Lodge.                                                      

WHAT_IS.ZIP     11697  12-25-95  Masonic Information Center's               

  WHAT IS A MASON?  From a brochure available from MSA. This is a first     

  Class document which  every Lodge should and have available for their     

  members to pass out to their prospective members.                         

SPHINX.ZIP      15947  11-07-95  From Satan To The Sphinx - Wash. Post      

  Text of article in 11/5/96 Washington Post describing theories held by    

  some that the Wash. DC street plan contains Masonic symbols. File this    

  under "paranoid delusionist" ideas. ZIP contains ASCII & WP5.x versions.  

MIS_REP.ZIP      8932  10-02-95  "Misrepresentations of Freemasony" by      

  Bro. Brent Morris 33ø.  This is another response to the critics of        

  of Freemasonry.                                                           

TRAVLSOM.ZIP      768  09-13-95  Poem "I See You've Travelled Some"         

KESSINGR.ZIP   170353  09-02-95  Complete catalog of the Roger Kessinger    

  publishing Co., Kill MT.  Kessinger reprints many out-of-date masonic     

  books.  This catalog was received from him today.                         

FAQ-MAS.ZIP     33161  09-01-95  Frequently asked Questions about        ***

  Freemasonry downloaded from Internet  Compiled by  Bro. Roger Ingersoll   

J-ROBNC1.ZIP     9222  08-17-95  Chapter 1 of John Robinson's highly        

  aclaimed book, "A PILGRIMS PATH"  This is a "Must read"  it is entiled    

  "WHAT IS A MASON?"  and has been put in folder format by Hiram's Oasis    

ROYORDSC.ZIP     4657  07-21-95  A 1924 article about THE ROYAL ORDER OF    

  SCOTLAND.  From a message on alt.freemasonry (George Helmer)              

DURGIN01.ZIP    10183  07-17-95  A series of trestleboard messages from     

  Bro Durgin, WM of a Lodge in AZ. oposing a possible Grand Master's        

  class in that state.   (these will NOT be appear in my TB messages!!)     

SPOTMAN2.ZIP    82113  06-26-95  Self-Paced Officer Training Manual (latest)

  This is the Self-Paced Officer Training Manual with excellent help for    

  everyone in every lodge.  It was prepared by Mickey Ander and is the      

  latest version of this manual.  It is in ASCII format.                    

ENCM_3_3.ZIP    71367  06-16-95  North Carolina Masonic Mag. May/June 95    

FAILURE.ZIP      3198  06-05-95  Is Masonry a Filure??  A good article from 

  "Old Tyler Talks" that every Freemason should follow                      

MISREPS1.ZIP     8921  06-05-95  From alt.freemasonry--Article by           

  Brent Morris 33ø responding to an anti-Mason. Title:                      

     MISREPRESENTATIONS OF FREEMASONRY                                      

STUDY02.ZIP      4401  04-19-95  Shall we Study Masonry by                  

    Michael Smilley  from CIS                                               

VOTING.ZIP      61440  04-19-95  Voting in Lodges  froma CIS thread         


  look at the future of Freemasonry. What the Craft must do if we are  to   

  survive.  My Outgoing Masters Message to my Lodge. Timothy J. O'Hare, PM  

  Parkhill Lodge #148 Denver, Colorado                                      

STB-1994.ZIP    54900  01-10-95  Short Talk Bulletins for 1994              

GWLIB3.ZIP      95817  01-09-95  List of books in GWMNM Library             

  This is a dbf & dbt (memo field) file of the books that have been         

  cataloged in the George Washington Masonic National Memorial Library.     

  Over 6,500 are cataloged so far, about 3,000 to go.                       

QUES4MAS.ZIP     2048  01-08-95  Qusetions for new (and older too) masons   

to asnwer to become more acquainted with the craft.                        

Upload by RW Mickey Ander  MPS                                             

EUD_PAKG.ZIP   651522  11-12-94  A collection of papers & STBs that the     

  Computer Club and A.D.Smith Lodge of Research have                        

  reformated into "Map-fold" single sheet papers designed to be easily      

  photocopied for distribution to the "Grass Roots" of Masonry.  These have 

  have permission of MSA or of the author for redistribution. They may NOT  

  be sold. If used, give credit to the author.  ALL are in WordPerfect 6.0  

  WP51 will NOT read 6.0 files, WP5.1+ will.                                

BILLCAR1.ZIP    16573  10-02-94  FREEMASONRY  Serving the Needs of Men in   

  Society Presented as a keynote address at "2000 PLUS" A seminar on Masonic

  Renewal South Huron Masonic District by W.Bro. W.B. Bill Carr  Ontario.   

  Canada. March 27, 1993     (from CIS)                                     

MURAT01.ZIP      3893  10-02-94  Article about CIS forum that appered in the

  MURAT TEMPLE newsletter in August 1994    (from CIS)                      

ANCTCHGS.ZIP    11390  08-20-94  A review of many of the "Ancient Charges"  

  scanned from McCoys Encyclopida By Bro. Bill Wine                         

EMURITAL.ZIP     3689  08-20-94  Explination of the Emulation Ritual by     

  Brother John Day from Victoria, Austrilia                                 

ISITTRU2.ZIP    42344  07-19-94     "Is it true What they say about         

  FreeMasonry?"  An article by S Brent Morris & Art DeHoyas                 

GOODWRDS.ZIP    48087  05-07-94  "GOOD WORDS"  Another gem from Bro.        

   Mickey Ander, WM A D Smith Lodge of Research & DDGM. These are in ASCII  

   and may be used as samples for your presentations.                       

WHATISMA ZIP     5150  05-06-94   What is a Mason?   An explanation of      

  what a Freemason is and why he belongs to the Fraternity.  Although no    

  man speaks for Freemasonry, this explanation has been  accepted by most   

  as being true.  Reading for the person curious about what we  are.        

  By Charles Tupper, MPS                                                    

CCMBOOK.ZIP     49289  02-27-94  The Master's Book by Carl Claudy           

MICKEY-W ZIP    63493  02-17-94   Lodge Officers Guide and Handbook for     

  Lodge officers by RW Mickey Ander. This is a manual for Virgina Officers  

  Many of the pages would be applicable to other jursdictions by adapting   

  to local laws, rules and regulations. (in WP 5.1 formated for Laser ptr)  

SHORTS0S.ZIP    22807  02-06-94  Short witty SECULAR fillers for Mags.   ***

  or newsletters.  This file is fixed at this size.  additions will appear  

  in other files.  These are Secular (not Masonic) in flavor                

SHORTS0M.ZIP    29937  02-06-94  Short witty MASONIC fillers for         ***

  newsletter editors.  From SRJ and other sources.  This ZIP is fixed       

  If you have tidbits like these, PLEASE upload them!! Additional Shorts    

  will accumulate in another file. These are MASONIC in flavor              

SCRIN2.ZIP       9028  12-19-93  Information and application form to join   

  Southern California Research Lodge.   Excellent offer and value.          

BIBLEP.ZIP       2020  12-19-93  Bible Presentation at MMø--From Hawaii     

CP-NSL.ZIP      18142  12-04-93  Our Computer Club newsletters in ASCII from

  Jan 1993 until current.  The file CP-87-92.ZIP contains the newsletters   

  from 1987 through 1992.                                                   

OFFICERS         2011  12-02-93  Lodge Officer Qualifications               

  A Humorous Definition of Lodge Officer Capabilities                      T

OES-NY.ZIP       2889  11-04-93  INTRODUCTORY PAMPHLET form the OES of      

  New York State OES with Sysop's comments about differences between the    

  General Grand Chapter, OES and the Grand Chapters of NY & NJ.             

EUROPE01 ZIP    37922  08-20-93  These       files are from Compuserve.     

  Contributed by Jaques Huyghebart of Belgum.  They reflect a European      

  outlook on Freemasonry. --Reflections on the number 5, Reflections        

  reguarding the 3 pillars, and an introduction to the higher degrees of    

  Masonry.                              Interesting reading                 

FM-TDBTS ZIP     8631  08-20-93  Tidbits about Freemasonry by John Sherger  

  Bany excellent for bullettin stuffers                                     

HUMOR2   ZIP     3681  08-20-93  Houmorous events in Lodges-from CIS        

ICONS    ZIP    10397  08-20-93  Win. like icons for Lodge offices          

S&CWLPR  ZIP    19335  08-20-93  S&C Walpaper for Win.                      

PARANOIA.ZIP   263496  03-24-93  Another great study in Anti-Masonic        

  Brother Leonardo does it again!  This file is reproduced with the         

  author's permission to make a downloadable BBS file. He believes that the 

  Freemasons are part of a Satanistic One World Goverment Plot!!            

WEARRING.ZIP     1539  03-09-93  Discussion on wearing a Masonic Ring       

MEANSMAS.ZIP     7285  02-27-93  Text of Booklet from GL of MA              

  A good explanation or what a Mason is--but, many references are Mass.     

  specific---still and excellent file.                                      

VIABLE01.ZIP     3209  02-22-93  Talk by Allen Roberts on the viability     

  of Freemasonry.  read it!                                                 

100WAYS.ZIP    114956  02-17-93   100 Ways To Serve Your Community--        

  by M W Werner H. Morlock G M of Masons in VA.  NOTE--Copyrited-Permission 

  to reprint must be obtained from the GM.  The book is available from      

  him for $7.48 pp--send check made out to him (Morlock) to RW Mickey Ander 

  5911 EDSALL RD PH1, ALEXANDRIA VA 22304-4164.  (Updates will be posted)   

CP-87-92.ZIP    90622  12-05-92  Kena Computer Club Newsletters and By-Laws 

  from 1988 through 1992 in ASCII.                                          

HIGSTLGE.ZIP     3729  11-23-92  Highest Regular Masonic Lodge in the World 

  A story about "Roof of the World #1094" in Peru. meeting at 17,575'!!     

CC_ENTAP.ZIP    38386  11-21-92  Intro to Freemasonry I Entered App.        

  My copy is dated March 26, 1952, when I recvd. my EA in Warren G Harding  

  Lodge #39 in DC.                                                          

CC_FELCR.ZIP    40939  11-21-92  Intro to Freemasonry II Fellowcraft        

  Copyrighted 1931 by Carl Claudy, Grand Lodge District of Columbia,F.A.A.M.

NEW_MM.ZIP       5934  11-20-92  A paper on Lodge Etiquette for new MMs     

BOGUS.ZIP      150658  09-30-92  Clandestine psudo-Masonry at its WORST!    

  Was John Yarker a Mason? A letter from the G.L. of England examines this  

  question. But a clandestine group has sprung up on the supposed authority 

  of his bogus, 33rd degree patent which he sold around 1900.               

  This is a discussion of the OTO (ORDO TEMPLI ORIENTIS).  _Provided FYI    

INTEREST.ZIP    15348  09-11-92  In the interests of the Brethren           

  By Bro. Rudyard Kipling.  Fron "The Builder, 1922"                        

20QUES92.ZIP     2721  08-15-92  20 questions 1991-1992. The Shrine of  ****

  of North America and Shirne Hospitals for Crippled Children               

WOMEN.ZIP       11017  08-10-92  Women & Freemasonry (Women, the other      

  half of man) by Dr. Russel N. Cassel.  Bro. Cassel presents an  excellent 

  description of the OES and other affiliated bodies.                    ** 

THISMAS.ZIP      4317  08-10-92  This is masonry - Builder of society       

  this article is almost equal to Clausen's "If you want to be a Mason,     

  YOU have to ask"!   A good work for reproduction--pass this around    *** 

DEATH.ZIP        8895  08-08-92  Death, the Liberator by Bro. N.W.J. Haydon 

  The BUilder, January 1922                                                 

UGL-275.ZIP     46104  08-08-92  Papers given at 275th anniversary of       

  United Grand Lodge of England.                                            

QUALIT1.ZIP      5112  07-07-92  QUALITY, Concerning new members--          

  Quality is more important than quantity---By David Randel                 

REGISTR1.ZIP     2488  05-12-92  A listing of Masonic programs for a Lodge  

  Secretary.  Several are on line                                        3792  05-12-92  A short article very suitable to present   

  to a new Mason's Lady.                                                    

WMGD.ZIP        59471  01-19-92  The  W M Guide in original WP51 format     

BKS-ANC.ZIP      3303  11-15-91  A listing of Books available from Anchor   

  Communications, Richmond, Va                                              

DICTATOR.ZIP     5155  11-15-91  Talk about Dictators, and how they reject  

  and eleminate Freemasons.                                                 

DISINFO.ZIP      6760  11-15-91  Talk by Allen Roberts abt. Disinformation  

THANKS.ZIP       5471  11-10-91  Thanksgiving - more than being polite      

  A talk at Norwood Lodge                                                   

TDBTS664 ZIP     3922  10-06-91   SCRL SE 91  TIDBITS # 634   (News items)  

TDBTS663 ZIP     3725  10-06-91   SCRL SE 91  TIDBITS # 633                 

WHATFREE.ZIP     6418  08-24-91  What is freemasonry.  An interesting       

  article that would make as good bulletin were it not too long.  Excellent 

  to show Non-Masons.   From GL of BC, CN.   Uploaded by  George Helmer     

REDSEA01.ZIP     9335  01-03-91  True story of a raid on Masonic Lodge      

FM-DEFN.TXT      3675  08-22-90  Defin. of FREEMASON by                     

  Richard W. Van Doren, Past Grand Orator (from June 1990 New Jersey        


TYRANNY.ASC      7676  07-24-89  TYRANNY OF THE BALLOT BOX-Allen Roberts VG!

MSAPERD.USC     10117  12-29-88  M.S.A.'s MASONIC PERIODICALS IN U.S.       

  A listing of all Masonic publications in North Americia ("," separated    

NETH-MAS.ZIP     3072  01-02-88  Story about Freemasonry in the Netherlands 

CLAUSEN1 ZIP     6133  12-19-87  If you want to be a Mason, you have to ask 

BACKPAGE.INT     9127  11-11-87  ASCII file of the introduction to Hiram's  

  Oasis BBS.  Has been updated, but original file was posted this date      

  when Hiram's Oasis became the first computerized sorce of MASONIC files   

< Total of  95 files in this area >


³                            002    Masonic History                           ³


RESTORY.ZIP      2656  09-25-95  William Preston and his works              

  William Preston is the father of our modern lectures and                  

  proficiencies.  But do you know the rest of the story.                    

BLDR1918 ZIP    33171  05-06-94  From The Builder, January, February,       

  March, April - 1918---The Grand Orient of France and the Three Great      

  Lights, Internationalism and Freemasonry, Part I, II, III.                

ORGINS01.ZIP    72484  12-04-93  Message thread on Origins of Freemasonry   

  from CIS.  This  file will grow as more messages are received   ******    

HAYWOD01.ZIP    45870  02-22-93  Four Articles by H.L. Haywood from "THE    

  BUILDER, 1923--Freemasonry and the Roman Collegia; FM and the Comacine    

  Masters; FM and the Guild system; The old charges and What they Mean      

HELLFIRE.ZIP    13467  12-23-92  The Hellfire Club                          

GREEN.ZIP       16478  12-23-92  THe Green Dragon Tavern, or                

  Freemasons Arms, by Bro. Charles W. Moore, August 1923                    

MEANMEDV.ZIP     7242  12-10-92  Meaning of Medieval Masonry                

  The American Freemason, Jan, 1914                                         

CONTFREE.ZIP     4737  12-10-92  Continental Freemasonry before A.D.,       

  1723, by Oliver D. Street - The American Freemason, Feb 1914              

CHAPT1.ZIP      15219  12-10-92  Freemasonry and the Cathedral Builders     

  The Builder, March 1823, by Bro. H.L. Haywood----Excellent reading        

  These articles will be highly appreciated by those who have read B.I.B.   

FIRSTGL.ZIP      7418  08-29-92  The First Grand Lodge                      

  This article appears in The Northern Light magazine.  August,1992         

  Discusses the GL of England (June 24,1717), Goose & Gridiron ale house.   

DEADSEA.ZIP      5385  08-15-92  New light dawns on dead sea scrolls        

  by Stephen A. Hoeller                                                     

1ST_INIT.ZIP     9339  07-11-92  The first recorded initiation in           

  England by Dudley Wright                                                  

ETHOP01.ZIP      8563  06-28-92  WHY ETHIOPIA?  A talk by Earl D. Harris    

  PMM GA.   Through reporting of ancient Ethiopia                           

ALPHA116.ZIP     1760  06-21-92  A short history of ALPHA LODGE #116,       

  Trenton, NJ.     Downloaded from Compuserve                               

EASTSTAR.ZIP     2695  03-15-92  The Eastern Star by Alphonse Cerza         

BLENDING.ZIP     3106  03-08-92  Blending the Lengendary and Historical     

  in Freemasonry                                                            

DORM#10.ZIP     17240  03-08-92  The Kabbalah and Freemasonry               

  Dormer Masonic Study Circle #10                                           

FRESTUDI.ZIP     3978  03-03-92  A Study of Freemasonry by Benjamin H.      


STORYOF.ZIP     48322  03-03-92  THe Story of Freemasonry by W.G. Sibley    

  The Lion's Paw Club, written in 1913                                      

TRIBES.TXT       3072  02-12-92    THE TWELVE ORIGINAL POINTS OF THE        



HISTBC.ZIP      38278  02-01-92  A history of the early days of             

  the early days of Freemasonry in British Columbia by R.W.Bro. William     

  G. Gamble                                                                 

POWMASON.ZIP     4978  01-18-92  Masons as Prisoners of War                 

  by Robert M. Walker                                                       

ERLEFREE.ZIP    16562  01-18-92  Early Freemasonry in the Canadian West     

  by M.W.Bro. William Douglas                                               

HERMES.ZIP       4431  01-01-92  Hermes Trismegistus by William C. Blain    

ORGAMER.ZIP      2228  01-01-92  Origin of the name America                 

  by Calvin I. Kephant    (Earlier that you thought!)                       

GRETSEAL.ZIP     2680  12-27-91  The Great Seal of the United States        

  by Ira B. Howell   NEW AGE, July 1948                                     

DORM#5.ZIP      12568  12-27-91  Freemasonry and the Message of Aquaria     

  Dormer Masonic Study Circle #5                                            

DORM#4.ZIP      10609  12-27-91  Freemasonry: How, Whence, & Whither        

  Dormer Masonic Study Cicle #4                                             

WHATMAS1.ZIP     1845  12-27-91  What is Freemasonry by Frank C. Rideout    

  from NEW AGE MAY 1950                                                     

FORGET.NOT       3072  12-25-91  Important symbol of the Craft in Germany   

  Description of the story of how the forget-me-not flower became one of    

  the most important symbols of masonry in Germany.  A short narrative with 

  a very deep meaning. (1 page).                                            

DORM#3.ZIP      17833  12-25-91  Freemasonry and the Ancient Wisdom         

  Dormer Masonic STudy Circle #3                                            

1STBATLE.ZIP     4616  12-25-91  First battle for Religious Freedom         

  by Wallace Ruff                                                           

ORIGMAS.ZIP     18986  12-20-91  The Origin of Masonry 5 parts from New Age 

  mid 1948.  Scaned and uploaded by George Helmer                           

RCMP.ZIP        12686  11-22-91  Freemasonry in the Royal Canadian          

  Mounted Police                                                            

SAGECHIN.ZIP     4542  11-17-91  The Sage of China                          

B41750.ZIP      22346  11-14-91  Freemasonry in Canada before 1750          

  by Reginald V. Harris                                                     

STONHENG.ZIP     4621  09-20-91  Stonehenge "From Whence Came You?"         

FRINGE.ZIP     115227  08-09-91  Fringe Masonry in England 1870-85          

  Harry Carr    A.Q.C.                                                      

ALLEN391.ZIP     4699  08-07-91  "MORE ABOUT BORN IN BLOOD"  A positive     

  supplement to other reviews.  Allen introduces another bit of evidence,   

  Pike's "Morals and dogma" Page 820, to support Robinson's theory          

  However, I don't put much trust in Pike's historical research!!!          

INTRO-BL.ZIP     9246  07-31-91  Introduction to  "BORN IN BLOOD"  by       

  John J. Robinson.   There are reviews of this book in other files on      

  this board, and there will be other files about Born in Blood later       

HISTCAN.ZIP     15451  02-24-91  brief history of masonry in Canada         

MORMONS.ZIP      7326  02-02-91  Discussion of early Mormonism and the      

  and the Morgan Affair.  Written by a Canadian with a different outlook    

  on both.  The early Mormons and the Morgan affair are not separate        

  historical events.                                                        

STRAS.ZIP       10063  01-28-91  constitution from masonic lodge in         

  Strausburg, Germany in 1459.  Excellent reading, but can not vouch for    


RAH100FR ZIP     2111  07-27-90   Fraternal Review, Ralph A. Herbold SCRL   

  Article about Freemasonry in Russia.                                      

GTD&BTP1 ZIP     6985  07-27-90   The Mystery of the Green Dragon Tavern &  

  The Boston Tea Party  By Edward M. Gain  SCRL.                            

ALU#1HST ZIP     6615  07-27-90   Americian Union Lodge #1 - A History      

< Total of  46 files in this area >


³                   003    Questions relating to Freemasonry                  ³


BOOKS-AU.ZIP     2680  10-20-95  Listing of the best books available for    

  Freemasons to read. From an article in "The Northern Light" Magazine      

FEMMASON.ZIP     7691  08-20-94  Explination about female Masonry in France 

  Its history and practice.  Explains how the OES borrows about half of its 

  rite of Adoption, a quarter from Emulation and another quarter from its   

  inventor, Bro. Robert Morris.   By Michael Siegal, Paris, France          

MYTHS.ZIP       25239  12-13-92  Myths and Facts by Allen Roberts-- From    

  "The Northern Light"                                                      

CHANGE2.ZIP      9384  12-13-92  CHANGES by Allen Roberts  Speech at the    

  Northeast conference on Masonic education                                 

MNANCE.ZIP       9672  09-29-92  "Are the Masons a Meanance?"  A review     

  from "down under" Austrilia     interesting!                              

RAH991ED ZIP     3588  10-06-91   SCRL SE 91 Editorial by Ralph A. Herbold  

  discusses "well rounded foundation of Masonic knowledge"  Worth reading!! 

INVSTG00 ZIP     4258  10-06-91   THE INVESTIGATING COMMITTEE   Pamphlet by 

  by GL Dist of Col. inteded for members of an investigating committee      

HEARD01  ZIP     5803  10-06-91   "I HAVE HEARD THAT MASONRY..."  Pamphlet  

  by GL Dist of Col. for propespctive MASONS (another in a series)          

GOATS.ZIP        7956  09-10-91  Myths and facts about the GOAT             

THE_GOAT.ZIP     6955  09-08-91  myths and facts about "The Goat"           

< Total of  10 files in this area >


³                         004    Religon and Philosophy                       ³


SCRPTURS         6772  12-25-95  The scriptures of the Three Degrees with   

  and explanition                                                           

BKA2.ZIP       647584  11-01-95  The Story of The Bible Pt. 1 - The Old     

  Testament - is a study guide in the Bible Knowledge Accelerator series,   

  presented in Windows Help format. It offers a basic overview of the       

  text, characters, and events of The Old Testament, in chronological       

  order. Description Copyright 1995 PsL                                     

SHRIN-PR.ZIP      745  10-20-95  A short prayer for shriners                

QUETZAL.ZIP     73344  07-30-95  Order of Quetzalcoatl Information          

  This is an extra Shrine order based on Mexico.  These files are only      

  apprpriate for Shriners wha are members of the order.                     

BOM.ZIP        396755  04-05-95  The Book of Mormon.                        


  Shareware E-book. Traces Nostradamus' source of inspiration to the        

  medieval Kabbalah. With hypertext file viewer and self-displaying         


  ORIGIN AND  ANTIQUITY, WITH A GENERAL History of Freemasonry, AND ITS     


  YARKER (1909)  This Format and notes Copyright (c) O.T.O. P.O.Box 430     

  Fairfax, CA  94978  USA  Scaned & proof read by Bill Heidrick  01/05/94   

  (These two files are presented  for your perusal and                      

  research usage only)   {Hiram's Oasis}  (also see file BOGUS.ZIP)         

QABALAH1.ZIP   172205  08-08-94  QABALAH  No. 1 --An approach to            

  learning the Tree of Life through MEDITATION Drawn from the classes of    

  Bill Heidrick, Grand Treasure General of O.T.O. for O.T.O.;  also THE     

  SEPHER YETZIRAH; 32 Eminations; magic & Qabalah; The Pentateuch Code;     

WLMHRST.ZIP    127301  10-29-93  Meaning of Masonry by Walter L. Wilmshurst 

  (1867-1939).  An excellent master's handbook for a deeper understanding   

  of Freemasonry.  From GL of England                                   *** 

YORKCOMM.ZIP     2397  09-09-93  Holy communion in the Knight Templar       

ASTUDY.ZIP      69902  07-01-93  A Study of Freemasonry by SBC....          

AREPORT.ZIP      5280  07-01-93  A Report on Freemasonry by SBC...          

  This is the awaited report from the convention.  It almost sounds as      

  they are not yet finished with their tyrany                               

POEM.ZIP          976  06-24-93  a bible question to answer.                

FUNERAL1.ZIP     3405  03-18-93  Ritual of a FUNERAL SERVICE                

  From Connecticut GL.    (uses candles)                                    

GDHAYNES.ZIP    13893  02-12-93  Another talk and rebutal on the religion   

  issue.  A Thought provoking, different view of the situation.             

SBC-HOLY.ZIP    76680  01-17-93  The Southern Baptist Convention and        

  The Southern Baptist Convention and Freemasonry -- This is the WHOLE      

  Book that has provoked the current controversy.  Br. Leonardo, famous     

  West Coast Sysop has done it again & has permission to reproduce it.      

SECRET.ZIP       4574  12-23-92  The secret doctrine in Israel              

  The American Freemason, July 1914                                         

TRESNER.ZIP     13167  12-13-92  "Conscience and the Craft: Question on     

  Religion and Freemasonry"  by Jim Tresner, Ph.D., 33rd degree with a      

  forward from RW Bro. Allan Large.                                         

BIBLEPRE.ZIP     2170  12-04-92  Text- Script for presentation of the Bible 

  following the MMø -- From GL Indiana by permission                        

DORM#51.ZIP     22311  09-11-92  Dormer Masonic Study Circle #51            

  Concerning Belief.  Quite deep, interesting--worth reading.               

FREEORRE.ZIP    13000  09-11-92  Freemasonry and Organized Religion         

  By Bro. Wallace McLeod, Ontiraio, Canada  - Well worth reading            

SQ435.ZIP      254983  09-05-92  SCRIPTURE QUEST - Tests Bible knowledge    

  with over 1600 questions. Many options. Very challenging.             $10 

MORALS-1.ZIP     6142  07-26-92  OUR MORAL MISSION, a response to charges   

  by the SBC that Masonry is incompatable with Christian beliefs.  by       

  David Randel, Sysop, The Trestleboard BBS, Chicago, 708-366-0803          

MAS-REL.ZIP      9536  06-19-92  Published by Grand Lodge of Oklahoma       

  Questions asked about Masonry and its being called a religion are         

  answered in this short paper.                                             

DORM#90.ZIP     18633  03-15-92  Symposium of papers contributed by         

  members of the circle - Part Five - Dormer Masonic Study Circle #90       

DORM#12.ZIP     17505  03-14-92  The True Freemasonry: Exoteric and         

  Esoteric, Dormer Masonic Study Circle #12                                 

DORM#11.ZIP     19323  03-11-92  Freemasonry and the Doctrine of            

  Reincarnation. Dormer Masonic Study Circle #11                            

DORM#8.ZIP      19180  02-26-92  The Masonic Trinity and Way of the         

  Cross, Dormer Masonic Study Circle #8                                     

OCC_BIB.ZIP      2408  12-07-91  The Occultism of the Bible and the         

  Kabbalah. by Rabbi H. Geffen                                              

CHINTEA2.ZIP     2904  12-07-91  China's three great religions and          

  their teachers. Part 2 by Frank H. Marvin                                 

CHINTEA1.ZIP     3114  12-07-91  China's three great religions and          

  their teachers. Part 1 by Frank H. Marvin                                 

CHURSTAT.ZIP    17109  11-17-91  The Triumph and Dominance of the Church    

JESUSTRI.ZIP    16375  09-20-91  The Trial of Jesus Christ-Was Justice Done?

FREECHRI.ZIP     4097  08-24-91  Are freemasonry and christianity comp.     

  compatiable?  Another good article concerning Religion and Freemasonry    

  From Saskatchewan, CN.                     Uploaded by George Helmer      

POPE_LEO.ZIP    17410  07-31-91  "THE MASONIC SECT"  Pope Leo XIII's        

  encyclical, "Humanmum Genus", the strongest and most comprehensive papal  

  condemnation of Freemasonry, Promulgated in 1884.  It also condems the    

  Constitution of the U.S.A. for the same reasons!!!                        

  (Can we believe this?)                                                    

SCHNOEBE.TXT    25088  06-02-91  Mormon's/Masons,/& Occult.                 

  Contains among other intresting things the secret Mormon prayer, their    

  priesthood substitutes for Ma-Ha-Brockly--  The writer has appear on      

  the radio.                                                                

HBIBLE.ZIP      44032  06-29-88  Quiz on Hebrew Bible, with music and color 

< Total of  37 files in this area >


³                     005    Jurisprudence and Masonic Law                    ³


BASTAIT.ZIP     41045  07-31-97  THESIS "THE LAW" originally published in   

  1850 and translated into idomatic english by Dean Russell. It defines,    

  explains and promotes the core precepts of Freemasonry.                   

DC_CODE.ZIP    233641  10-24-96  District of Columbia FAAM Masonic Code     

  in WP5.1 format. (Scanned but not properly edited. Can someone with a     

  code book correct the formating? Thanks)                                  

WRTN-RIT.ZIP    74472  03-03-96  THE written portions from the manual of    

  work of the GL of VA. in WP5.1                                            

DUTIES31.ZIP   107905  09-30-95  Guide for Masonic Lodge Officers           

  Comprehensive guide for Masonic Lodge Officers.  Explains what is         

  expected of them in the various stations and positions. (from Mass.)      

REGULRT1.ZIP     7906  11-04-94  Paper on Regularity, Recognititon, and     

  Fraternal relations  by: M. Mickey Ander  WM A.D. Smith Lodge of Research 

  (the last character in the filename is a one, not a I)                    

FUNRLGRA.ZIP    10106  05-01-94  Memorial and Funeral Service of the Grand  

  Lodge of Alberta                                                          

  featuring INIBAK - detects changes in Windows INI files.                  

EXCLUSVE.ZIP     2176  03-15-94  Short statment oposing Exclusive           

  Territorial Jursdiction.  By Bro. David Smith, Los Angeles, CA            

ANDCONST.ZIP    14635  12-23-92  Anderson's Constitutions of 1723           

  August 1923, by Bro. Lionel Vibert                                        

CHANGE.ZIP      10698  11-15-91  Talk by Allen Roberts about Changing       

  Freemasonry, or better, the lack of change!                               

EATON389.ZIP     4121  08-07-91  THE INVESTIGATING COMMITTEE  A well written

  article that every member of an investigating committee should read.      

  by Zel Eaton PM from MO.   Zel is a frequent caller here.                 

FLORWORK.ZIP     4515  08-05-91  Lodge Floorwork for the Canadian & York    

  Rite.  This is from Edmonton, Alberta. Canada                             

< Total of  11 files in this area >


³                               006    Symbolism                              ³


HIRAMIC.ZIP      7730  05-08-97  "Can ther Hiramic legend be found in the   

  Bible?"  A research paper by Robert Kaltenbach PM., PHP., 32ø. From  a    

  paper in the Southern California Lodge of Research  news letters    ****  

LAMBSKIN.ZIP    32921  03-19-97  A presentation/talk on the siginifance of  

  the Lambskin or white leather apron.  by Wor. A.J. Hughes, PM of Herndon  

      264, Herndon, VA.  An excellent presentation for any Lodge.           

ST-JOHN3.ZIP     5361  09-11-96  Presentations for St John's Evenings       

ST-JOHN2.ZIP     9059  09-11-96  Presentations for St. Johns's Evenings     

3RD-LGHT.ZIP     5307  09-11-96  A short presentation on the third Great    

  Light, the Compasses.  Very well done   By Anon                           

APRNTCSH.ZIP     4620  02-15-96  What is a Masonic Apprenticeship?          

  By Sir Knight Wayne T. Adams      from Knight Templar  Feb 1996           

APRONS.ZIP       4320  02-15-96  Story about the Apron by Matthew Hoath     

  from the Virginia Masonic Herald  May 1964                                

GAVELS.ZIP       4548  03-04-95  Symbolism of Gavels in Freemasonry         

  Article about the symbolism of gavels, mallets, setting mauls, in         

  Freemasonry.  Surprising amount of information exists on this subject,    

  and interesting information from Masonic authorities.  ASCII format.      

OLDCHGS  ZIP    17786  12-26-94  The Old Charges by Brother Wallace Mc Leod 

SISYSE.ZIP       5199  07-19-94  Silence, Symbols and Secrets of Freemasonry

  by Jacques Huyghebaert  (Brussels Belgum)                                 

TRISTAN.ZIP      9403  03-28-94  An address, explaining the symbolism       

  of the compasses, by reference to the emotion love - delivered in         

  Lafayette-Dupont Lodge # 19 F.A.A.M. D.C. in January, 1994.               

SECRET01 ZIP     5000  01-03-94   Excerpts from a book, Beneath the Stone-  

  The story of Masonic Secrecy.  by C. Bruce Hunter 32ø.  discusses the     

  fraternity's mystique and confusion by both Masons & Non-Masons           

  From THE NORTHERN LIGHT, May 1993                                         

TUBALCAN ZIP     2027  01-03-94   The art of Tubal-cain--Masonry and        

  Metallurgy          From the NSW Freemason  Dec. 1992 (Austriia)          

APRON01  ZIP     7702  08-20-93  THE LAMBSKIN APRON by Auri Spigelman       

CHAPT3.ZIP       9519  12-23-92  Chapter of Masonic History                 

  Mithraism: Freemasonry & the Ancient Mysteries, May 1923, by Bro. H.L.    


OBLIGAT.ZIP      7980  08-23-92  Obligations and Oaths-the Builder Feb 1921 

DEGROSCR.ZIP    32417  08-15-92  The degree of Knight Rose Croix            

  A Canadian SR explanation of the degree.  dated 1971                      

THECABLE.ZIP     9226  08-10-92  The cable: A paper & a masonic playlet     

  by Bro. Garth Cochran  Excellent material, WMs should schedule this.  *** 

LIGHT-1.ZIP      2549  07-07-92  MASONIC LIGHT, by  David Randel            

  this file discusses Morals and those opposed the                          

   oposition to the "Christianity" of some Masonic Lodges                   

DORM#9.ZIP      18051  03-01-92  The Meaning and Purpose of Freemasonry     

  Dormer Masonic Study Circle #9                                            

2PILLARS.ZIP     2308  02-23-92  The Two Pillars by H. Jordan Rosoce        

  about Fellowcraft degree symbolism                                        

ADVERSIT.ZIP     3752  02-23-92  Encounters with Adversity by Harry E.      


BADGE.ZIP        3387  02-23-92  Badge of a Mason by Judge C. Clyde Myers   

BENEDIST.ZIP     6945  02-16-92  Benevolence - A District 12 Grand Lodge    

  of Alberta Master Masons Workshop                                         

DORM#72.ZIP     28300  02-16-92  Freemasonry as the Hermetic Art            

  Part I. Analysis, by W.Bro. J.R. Cleland. Dormer Masonic Study Circle #72 

SHAWANO.ZIP     79066  02-09-92  THE SHAWANO EXPERIENCE  from GL of         

  Wisconsin.  A new and different way to make Masons.  NOTE--this book is   

  copyrighted and is here for your persual--do not use any of its contents  

  without permission of GL of Wis.!!                                        

MIDDLE.ZIP       3057  02-03-92  Another view of the Middle Chamber  (PHA)  

SYMLODGE.ZIP     9294  02-01-92  The Symbolism on our Lodge Officers        

  by R.W. Norm Senn                                                         

DORM#36.ZIP     17579  02-01-92  The Craft Journey. A discussion of         

  some of its finger posts and milestones. Part 6 "Closing the Lodge"       

  Dormer Masonic Study Circle #36                                           

HIDDEN.ZIP      91962  02-01-92  Freemasonry - Its Hiden Meaning            

  by George Steinmetz  (Masonic Manual, M1ssouri)                           

MASTOMOR.ZIP     5152  01-19-92  Masonry Tomorrow by Bro. David A.          

  McCormick, ALberta Masonic Spring Workshop 1990 Part III                  

MASTODAY.ZIP     6560  01-19-92  Masonry Today by Bro. Myron Lusk           

  Alberta Masonic Spring Workshop 1990 Part II                              

MASPAST.ZIP      7362  01-19-92  Masonry Past by Bro. Jack Collett          

  Alberta Masonic Spring Workshop 1990 Part I                               

LOSTKEY.ZIP     52518  01-19-92  The Lost Keys of Freemasonry "The Lost     

  Secrets of Hiram Abiff"  an excellent paper on the interpertation of      

  Masonic symbolsim     by Manly P. Hall  33ø                               

OUT_OF.ZIP       2081  01-18-92  Out of the Past - The Speech of Count      

  T ----, At the Initiation of his Son into Masonry  (excellent talk)       

DORM#6.ZIP      17406  01-18-92  The Deeper Meaning of Freemasonry          

  Ray W. Burgess.  Discusses Bibical history of Solomon's Son               

GRAB_1.ZIP      18327  01-01-92  Grabbing the Future, Part I & Part II      

  by Dr. W.R. Pellow P.G.M. Alberta Banff Workshop 1991                     

     Good reading for Lodge officers)                                       

MORTEACH.ZIP    24697  01-01-92  The Moral Teachings of Freemasonry         

  by J.S.M. Ward     (an excellent lesson for all Masons)                   

MITHRA.ZIP       4246  12-25-91  The Mystery of Mithra  by Harry Kennison   

  THE NEW AGE - APRIL 1961                                                  

HIGHDEGR.ZIP    28450  12-25-91  The Higher Degrees Handbook by J.S.M. Ward 

MYSTDEGR.ZIP     6584  12-01-91  The Mystery Degrees by Leslie M. Scott     

DORM#2.ZIP      11752  12-01-91  The Mystical Quest in Freemasonry          

  Dormer Masonic Study Circle #2                                            

DORM#1.ZIP      12769  11-22-91  The Pythagorean Tradition in Freemasonry   

  Dormer Masonic Study Circle #1                                            

DORM5354.ZIP    31322  11-17-91  A Brief Sketch of Freemasonry and          

  The Symbols of the First Degree.   Dormer Masonic Study Circle #53 and #54

M_M_HAND.ZIP    40834  11-14-91  The MM's Handbook by J.S.M. Ward           

DORM#52.ZIP     20246  11-14-91  Some Notes on Craft Symbolism              

  Dormer Masonic Study Circle #52                                           

DORM#94.ZIP     18480  11-10-91  The Fourth Part of a Circle                

  Dormer Masonic STudy Circle #94                                           

F_C_HAND.ZIP    29563  11-10-91  The FC's Handbook by J.S.M. Ward           

EAHAND.ZIP      31858  11-07-91  The EA's Handbook by J.S.M. Ward           

  Another excellent work from Canada--would someone like to convert this to 

  our usage?  It would make another excellent handbook for EAs              


  The Dormer Masonic Study Circle Transaction #47    From Canada            

LITTL991 ZIP     5798  10-06-91   SRCL  SE. 91.  PENALITIES or "Things are  

  not always what they seem" by Harold J Littleton PGM Deleware             

GOAT.ZIP         2048  09-09-91  Rebutal of "Riding the Goat"               

PPOFENT.ZIP      2717  11-19-90  "The Perfect Points of Entrance" a talk by 

  RW Bro. Ray Hilton about the EA degree---From SCRL                        

DOLLAR.EXP       9029  10-25-90  ASCII  Masonic explanition of the markings 

  on our One Dollar Bill.                                                   

< Total of  54 files in this area >


³                          007    Great Men of Masonry                        ³


KIPLING.ZIP      4083  07-31-97  Biography of Rudyard Kipling from          


PIKE.ZIP       461735  10-26-95  Text and GIFs: New book on Albert Pike     

  Two essays and 3 GIF images regarding the new book: Albert Pike, The Many 

  Beyond The Monument. This fully illustrated book by Jim Tresner, a 33rd   

  Degree Scottish Rie Mason, is now available in hardback.                  

ROSEVELT.ZIP     2514  10-07-95  Short article on Theodore Roosevelt from   

  "The Builder" January 1920                                                

MOZART02.ZIP     2940  04-17-95  Another short discription of The Magic     

  Flute. From an internet message.                                          

PIKE01.ZIP      17408  04-16-95  Chapters 5 & 6 of John Robinson's          

  "A Pilgrim's Path" covering Pike's "Dogma" and Leo Taxil works that are   

  frequently quoted by Fundamentalist anti-Masons who love to condemn       

  all Freemasonry based on the writings and  philosophy of Albert Pike.     

LINCOLN.ZIP      9044  09-29-94  Abraham Lincoln and Freemasonry            

  Information about Abraham Lincoln's views about Masonry; why we would     

  expect that Lincoln would have become a Mason; why he did not do so; and  

  how Masonry affected Lincoln.  Includes a bibliography.                   

1776PAID.ZIP     3530  03-10-93  Information about the 56 men who signed    

  the declaration of independence  (no mention of Masons)                   

SHRINE16.ZIP    19326  12-17-92  Bios of Rbt. Lee, Ben Franklin & Wash.     

  Biographies of Robert E. Lee, Benjamin Franklin and George                

  Washington. No mention of Freemasonry in these Bios.                      

JROBINSN.ZIP     3169  11-23-92  More on John J. Robinson                   

FOLKES.ZIP      12120  09-24-92  Martin Flokes, Deputy Grand Master         

  1724, by Bro, Dudley Wright, The Builder April 1922                       

FREDERIK.ZIP    16785  08-23-92  Frederick the Great, and his Relations     

  with Masonry and other Secret Societies, The Builder Aug 1921             

AEWAITE.ZIP     47041  07-03-92  The Masonic Career of A.E. Waite           

RUDYARD.ZIP     18362  06-27-92  RUDYARD KIPLING - FREEMASON                

  Trestleboards and such.  Note--ALL of these graphics are LOGOS-None are   

  pictures.  They are of interest only to persons creating newsletters      

  Trestleboards or the like.  Again, if you have any that are better than   

  these, Please upload them--I will combine them as necessary               

BROMOZAT.ZIP     2130  03-03-92  Brother Mozart and the Magic Flute         

  by Newcomb Condee                                                         

20THLCT.ZIP      5632  02-02-92  short lecture in the SR series  20thø lect.

  (from PHA)                                                                

4THLCT.ZIP       2599  02-02-92  A short lecture on the 4th degree          

  (from PHA)                                                                

TAO.ZIP         15780  02-01-92  Tao Te Ching by Lao Tsu                    

BURNS.ZIP        3550  02-01-92  Robert Burns still a vital influence       

  in Freemasonry                                                            

LASTTEMP.ZIP     8047  01-19-92  Jacques De Molay - Last Grand Master       

  Master Knights Templar by Lorne Pierce written in 1943                    

BOLIVAR.ZIP      5177  01-18-92  Simon Bolivar by Elmer E. Rogers           

DF&S-REV         2606  01-10-92  Ralph Herbold talks about J.J. Robinson    

  and his new book, "Dungeon, Fire and Sword, The Knights Templar in the    

  Crusades"  (I agerly await delievery of my copy)                          

PHYLX391.ZIP    33408  11-24-91  Phylaxis 3rd quarter 1991/                 

  Interview with Kit Haffner current Master of Quatuor Coronatti Research   

  Lodge, London & Grand Master for Hong Kong & the far east.                

DAWNTO2.ZIP      4218  11-22-91  Albert Pike Dawn to Sunset Part 2          

DAWNTO1.ZIP      4131  11-22-91  Albert Pike Dawn to Sunset Part 1          

PAULREV.ZIP      3005  11-22-91  Paul Revere - Patriot, Silversmith,        


CORNWALL.ZIP    10386  11-17-91  The Honourable Edward Cornwallis           

  Founder of Freemasonry in Halifax                                         

AL_PIKE.ZIP      7637  11-17-91  Albert Pike  12/29/1890--4/2/1891          

SIRJOHN.ZIP      2883  11-14-91  Sir John A. MacDonald, Freemason           

  by W.Bro.Lewis F. Riggs                                                   

REALMYST.ZIP     7323  10-27-91  The Real Mystery                           

  Why do today's writers try to associate Sherlock Holmes and Jack the      

  Ripper with Masonry?   (from Fiat Lux   Canada's Research Lodge)          

DTHOMAS1 ZIP     2760  10-06-91   IT'S GREAT TO BE A FREEMASON, BY          

  Danny Thomas 33ø                                                          

10KFAM00 ZIP     2564  10-06-91   SCRL Filler--from 10K Freemasons, edited  

  by John Nocas--including JE Fox, GM Cohan, HA Boaz, JE Hover, DC Beard &  

  Charled XIII (Swedon)                                                     

WARREN1.ZIP      4809  02-20-91  Gen Joseph Warren-1st. G.M. of Mass        

MOUTH-TO.EAR     5643  08-22-90  MOUTH TO EAR by ERNEST BORGNINE 33ø        

< Total of  33 files in this area >


³                     008    Documents Specific to GL of VA                   ³


VADIGEST.ZIP   186660  06-09-95  Virginia's Methodical Digest in ASCII      

  This file is an ASCII version of the Virginia Methodical Digest, the      

  listing of all the rules currently in effect in the Grand Lodge of        

  Virginia, applicable to the Grand Lodge and to subordinate Lodges.        

EDIQ_PRO.ZIP    12366  03-21-95  Ediquettte, Protocol and Decorum   By      

  R.W. Micky Ander. Masonic Eduication series Handbook. Written for Virginia

  but good for any jurisdiction                                             

ARTICUL.ZIP      2629  08-20-91    Jack Riddell's talk on articulation,     

NORWOOD.ZIP     11023  02-20-91  Norwood g.r.a. #90 officers manual         

  Norwood Lodge, Ednonton, Alberta  Many excellent Ideas                    

< Total of  4 files in this area >


³                              009    Anti-Masonry                            ³


CRJ0168.ZIP     27024  05-03-96  Christian Research Institute tract         

  against Freemasonry. This file is included here only for your             

  information. It is authored by the likes of Holley and Ankerberg.         

  Read at your own risk <VBG>                                               

MORGAN2.ZIP      5360  09-01-95  Another version of thed Morgan Affair from 

  Provincetown Mass.  Same story line, from a different prespective.        

TAXIL01.ZIP     37665  08-18-95  Interstimg story about Loe Taxil, renound  

  Masonic hoaxter fdor the late 19th century in France who is frequently    

  by current anti-Masons who proclam Lucifer to be the God of Freemasonry   

  In reading this story, one can well imagine how the antis accept his line 


  JUDAEO MASONIC CONSPIRACY   by W. Bro. A Israel, Master  (from a message  

  on alt.freemasonry)  (from New Zeland                                     

CURSE.ZIP        3393  01-13-95  ANTI-MASONIC                               

  Recent article from Saudi Arab English Daily Newspaper continuing to      

  condemn Freemasonry and prohibiting the Muslim to join.                   

HAMAS.ZIP       23847  08-10-94   The Hamas Covenant.  Hamas is the         

  radical muslim organziation who's goal is to destroy the State of Israel  

  (amongst other things) and destroy Freemasonry.  18 August 1988           

SBC-ATK1.ZIP    17072  12-13-92  Mason study by Southern Baptists & others. 

  This zipped file contains 3 text files concerning the 1992 Southern       

  Baptist Convention & the Booklet by Dr. Larry Holly.     ANTI-MASONIC!!   

LODGE_1.ZIP    105258  07-18-92  Behind the Lodge Door (Anti Masonic)       

  By a PAUL A FISHER. -Another writer who would have Amreica a Church State!

  Any one know who Paul Fisher is?  Many of his quotes are from irrrgular   

  Grand Lodges, and other way out sources                                   

  This file is included as a SAMPLE of what the anti's are saying           

RESPOND.ZIP     27379  06-22-92  How to Respond to the Lodge                

  (Anti Masonic publication from the Luthern Church, MO. Synod)             

STSJOHN.ZIP      1469  09-20-91  Masonic Saints John, an Explanation!       

MASONIC.ZIP     14457  01-25-91  A file putting down Masonry                

  An older anti Masonic tract refering to Pike's "Morals & Dogma"--a book   

  that apparently only anti-Masons can comprehend  (Sysop)                  

< Total of  11 files in this area >


³                         010    Non Recognized Masonry                       ³


PH-MASON.ZIP   131172  06-26-96  New version of Bible1.txt plus more        

  Uploaded by PHA Brother Leon Stevenson from Berkley, CA. Some of his      

  implications are food for thought. Check his bible quotations.            

BANDERST ZIP     6214  01-12-96 from Jan. Knight Templar Mag.  A LOOK FROM  

  WITHIN::A LOOK AT PRINCE HALL MASONRY by |Rev. Jan Beaderstadt, PM        

  from Point-to-Point, the official publication of the GL of Michigan       

WOMN-IN.ZIP      8043  11-05-95  Women in Freemasonry.  From a message on   

  Inet. by Cyronwode of DH                                                  

COLORADO.ZIP     2527  08-12-95  Documentation about how Colorado A.F.& A.M.

  and F.& A.M., PHA are resolving their mutual recognation of each other    

PHA-HST2.ZIP    26871  03-17-95   A history of Masonry in the United        

  States prior to the advent of Prince Hall, the history of Prince Hall     

  Freemasonry in the United States and objections raised to their           

  regularity and the answers to those questions. included are questions     

  and answers that were asked following the publication of  this paper in   

  serial form.  By Charles Tupper, MPS (updated to 3/17/95)                 

PHLODGES.ZIP    14122  09-24-92  Prince Hall Lodge - History                

BLACK.ZIP       69235  07-29-92  All the Black characters in the Bible.     

  Black Bible Characters *All the Black People in the Bible* new book by    

  Leonardo Stevenson, West Coast Sysop.  Contains many charts and complete  

  Biblical references.  You will be surprised at the Masonic references!    

HARRISON.ZIP     6062  06-01-92  Address by R. S. Harrison, Grand Sec. of   

  Connecticut to the Grand Secretaties at the Grand Master's conference,    

  Alexandria, VA.   February 1991  giving facts concerning the legitimacy   

  of Prince Hall Grand Lodges.   You may not agree with his research, his   

  address should be read and considered by all.                             

NEGRO48.ZIP      3247  12-25-91  Negro Freemasonry                          

  New Age  1948                                                             

EGYPTIAN.ZIP    13993  08-27-91  U.S. SUPREME CT. SHRINER DECISION 1929     


  AN ASST. JUSTICE WHO WAS A MASON. It contains a brief historical account  

  of masonic U.S. history, especially for one interested in the relationship

  between Prince Hall and  other Grand Lodges.                              

  (from WELL IN THE DESERT BBS, Berkley Ca.)                                

GLA-JU90.BUL     5150  10-08-90  "What is Prince Hall Masonry?"  from the   

  Grand Lodge of Alberta Bulletin, June, 1990                               

BLACK-89.ZIP    24745  08-25-90  Articles about Black Masons                

< Total of  12 files in this area >


³                   011    Unclassified Stories and Articles                  ³


AMRANTH.ZIP      8372  12-04-96  Article describing the Order of the        

  AMARANTH INC.  by S.K. Roland E. Randall P.G.R.P. (Maryland)              

  and and article about the forming of the Order from Mass.                 

PINKLG.ZIP       7760  01-16-95  The Pink Lodge Degree  "The Pink Lodge     

  Degree" is a delightful spoof. Designed to be confered  by an OES         

  chapter while Masons are present, it is a wonderful program for  a        

  fellowship night between Lodge and OES.                                   

< Total of  2 files in this area >


³                   020    ZIPed files from MSA Publications                  ³


STB-JL97         8849  08-08-97  MASONIC CHARITY By J.M. Hammil, member of  

  QUATUOR CORONATI  Condensed from a Prestonian Lecture                     


  IN NORTH AMERICA      By Allen E. Roberts                                 

STB-MA97         7565  05-13-97  75TH ANNIVERSARY OF SHRINERS HOSPITALS     

STB-AP97         7565  05-08-97  STONES OF EVIL  A story about the          

  desacration of a church garden in Norfolk VA. by anti-Masons              

CATALOGM.ZIP    20990  03-24-97  Catalog of all materials from the Masonic  

  Service Association dated Jan 1997                                        

STB-MR97         8935  03-23-97  STB Mar 1997 "Masonic Philosophy"  by      

  Joseph Fort Newton       These three STBs should be read by all           

STB-FE97        10571  03-22-97  STB Feb 1997 "Healing Crippled Hearts"     

A story about the war on drugs by Lawrence Chisholm                        

STB-JA97        11299  03-21-97  STB Jan 1997  "The Philalethes Society"    

A story about the "Seekers of Truth"   by Allen Roberts                    

STB-DE35.ZIP     7077  01-06-96  STB on Clandestine Masonry. Written in 1935

  the language is not politically correct today, but is very interesting    

  and informative.                                                          

STB-1996.ZIP    58395  12-17-96  Short Talk Bulletins for 1996              

PHL-OC96.ZIP    65308  10-31-96  Philalethes Magazine for October 1996      

  Are we really making masons? ; The Miter & Trowel II;                     

PHL-AU96.ZIP    66391  10-30-96  Philalethes Magazine for August 1996       

  Joseph Brant, The Greatest Tory; The Miter & Trowel part 1(excellent)     

  About Lewises; Medicis of Florence; and others                            

STB-1995.ZIP    58395  12-24-95  Short Talk Bulletins for 1995              

STB-1993.ZIP    58699  01-17-94  MSA Short Talk Bulletins for 1993          

STB-MGL.ZIP     13023  01-17-93  STBs from 1929--3 part series on           

  The Mother Grand Lodge                                                    

STB-1992.ZIP    58018  12-17-92  MSA Short Talk Bulletins for 1992          

STB-1991 ZIP    60924  01-07-92  MSAs Short Talk Bulletins for 1991         

STB-1990.ZIP    57700  12-21-90  MSAs Short Talk Bulletins For   1990       

STB-OLDS.ZIP    76779  08-25-90  Older STBs-Ancient York Masons; The Black  

  Cube; William Preston; The Morgan Affair;Clandestine; The Mystic Tie; Why 

  Freemasonry Has Enemys; Quatour Coronati #2076; Moderns & Antients; Some  

  Misconceptions about Freemasonry; Our relations with the K.C. ---several  

  of these date back to the 20s---all are EXCELLENT reading!!               

STB-1989.ZIP    52591  02-23-90  MSAs Short Talk Bulletins for 1989         

STB-1988.ZIP    59848  02-23-90  MSAs Short Talk Bulletins for 1988         

STB-1987.ZIP    54362  02-23-90  MSAs Short Talk bulletins for 1987         

STB-1986.ZIP    62796  02-23-90  MSAs Short talk Bulletins for 1986         

STB-1985.ZIP    60483  02-22-90  MSAs Short Talk Bulletins for 1985         

  (less August 85)                                                          

STB-1984.ZIP    66168  02-22-90  MSAs Short Talk bulletins for 1984         

STB-1983.ZIP    63041  02-22-90  MSAs Short Talk Bulletins for 1093         

STB-1982.ZIP    56408  02-22-90  MSAs Short Talk bulletins for 1982         

STB-1981.ZIP    73014  02-22-90  MSAs Short Talk bulletins for 1981         

STB-1980.ZIP    46313  02-22-90  MSAs Short Talk bulletins for 1980         

STB-1979.ZIP    74267  02-22-90  MSAs Short Talk bulletins for 1979         

STB-1978.ZIP    80697  02-22-90  MSAs Short Talk bulletins for 1978         

STB-1935 ZIP    72060  02-22-90  MSAs Short Talk bulletins for 1935         

STB-1934 ZIP    79200  02-22-90  MSAs Short Talk Bulletins for 1034         

STB-1933 ZIP    79543  02-22-90  MSAs Short Talk bulletins for 1933         

STB-1932 ZIP    70379  02-22-90  MSAs Short Talk bulletins for 1932         

STB-1931 ZIP    65691  02-22-90  MSAs Short Talk Bulletins for 1031         

STB-1930 ZIP    69284  02-22-90  MSAs Short Talk bulletins for 1930         

STB-1929 ZIP    54902  02-22-90  MSAs Short Talk bulletins for 1929         

STB-1928 ZIP    63097  02-22-90  MSAs Short Talk bulletins for 1928         

STB-1927 ZIP    57499  02-22-90  MSAs Short Talk bulletins for 1927         

STB-1926 ZIP    55851  02-22-90  MSAs Short Talk Bulletins for 1026         

STB-1925 ZIP    69911  02-22-90  MSAs Short Talk bulletins for 1925         

STB-1924 ZIP    72646  02-22-90  MSAs Short Talk bulletins for 1924         

STB-1923 ZIP    80411  02-22-90  MSAs Short Talk bulletins for 1923         

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³                     021    ZIPed files from SRJ (NEW AGE)                   ³


SRJ-OC95.ZIP    36884  10-26-95  October 1995 Scottish Rite Journal         

SRJ-SE95.ZIP    65960  09-12-95  Scottish Rite Journal  September 1995      

SRJ-AU95.ZIP    41647  07-26-95  Electronic Scottish Rite Journal 8/95      

  Text file containing all articles in the August, 1995 issue of the        

  Scottish Rite Journal.                                                    

SRJ-JL95.ZIP    39643  06-14-95  SCOTTISH RITE JOURNAL  FOR JULY 1995       

SRJ-JL94.ZIP    44169  07-19-94  SCOTTISH RITE JOURNAL  FOR JULY 1994       

SRJ-MA94.ZIP    45588  07-19-94  SCOTTISH RITE JOURNAL  FOR MAY 1994        

SRJ-AP94.ZIP    37234  07-19-94  SCOTTISH RITE JOURNAL  FOR APRIL 1994      

SRJ-MR94.ZIP    43099  03-03-94  Scottish Rite Journal, March 1994 issue    

SRJ-FE94.ZIP    47971  03-03-94  Scottish Rite Journal, February 1994 issue 

SRJ-JA94.ZIP    46029  03-03-94  Scottish Rite journal January 94 issue     

SRJ-DE93.ZIP    40607  11-29-93  SCOTTISH RITE JOURNAL for Dec.  1993       

SRJ-NO93.ZIP    40211  11-29-93  SCOTTISH RITE JOURNAL for Nov.  1993       

SRJ-OC93.ZIP    42558  11-29-93  SCOTTISH RITE JOURNAL for Oct.  1993       

SRJ-SE93.ZIP    33476  11-29-93  SCOTTISH RITE JOURNAL for Sept. 1993       

SRJ-AU93.ZIP    47980  11-29-93  SCOTTISH RITE JOURNAL for Aug.  1993       

SRJ-JL93.ZIP    54484  11-29-93  SCOTTISH RITE JOURNAL for July  1993       

SRJ-JU93.ZIP    47664  11-29-93  SCOTTISH RITE JOURNAL for June  1993       

SRJ-MA93.ZIP    47859  06-01-93  Scottish Rite Journal May 1993             

SRJ-AP93.ZIP    35948  03-18-93  SCOTTISH RITE JOURNAL for April 1993       

SRJ-MR93.ZIP    31443  03-18-93  SCOTTISH RITE JOURNAL for March 1993       

SRJ-FE93.ZIP    77265  01-23-93  Scottish Rite Journal for Feb. 1993        

  Special edition devoted to the SBC problem in Texas.                      

SRJ-JA93.ZIP    52240  01-23-93  Scottish Rite Journal  for Jan, 1993       

SRJ-DE92.ZIP    49649  11-15-92  SCOTTISH RITE JOURNAL, December, 1992      

SRJ-NO92.ZIP    43194  11-15-92  SCOTTISH RITE JOURNAL, November, 1992      

SRJ-OC92.ZIP    43145  09-13-92  SCOTTISH RITE JOURNALL for October 1992    

SRJ-SE92.ZIP    58752  08-02-92  SCOTTISH RITE JOURNAL for Sept 1992        

SRJ-AU92.ZIP    44454  07-04-92  SCOTTISH RITE JOURNAL for August, 1992     

SRJ-JL92.ZIP    49378  07-04-92  SCOTTISH RITE JOURNAL for July, 1992       

SRJ-JU92.ZIP    52452  07-04-92  SCOTTISH RITE JOURNAL for June, 1992       

SRJ-MR92.ZIP    66618  04-26-92  SCOTTISH RITE JOURNAL FOR  May 1992        

SRJ-AP92.ZIP    52698  04-26-92  SCOTTISH RITE JOURNAL FOR  April 1992      

SRJ-MA92.ZIP    52693  04-26-92  SCOTTISH RITE JOURNAL FOR  May 1992        

SRJ-FE92.ZIP    51489  01-25-92  Scottish Rite Journal---Feb. 1992          

SRJ-JA92 ZIP    57248  12-22-91  SCOTTISH RITE JOURNAL for January  92      

SRJ-DE91 ZIP    59755  12-22-91  SCOTTISH RITE JOURNAL for December 91      

SRJ-NO91 ZIP    57675  12-22-91  SCOTTISH RITE JOURNAL for November 91      

SRJ-OC91 ZIP    51851  12-22-91  SCOTTISH RITE JOURNAL for October, 91      

SRJ-AU91.ZIP    54014  08-13-91  SCOTTISH RITE JOURNAL for August, 1991     

SRJ-JL91.ZIP    59256  08-13-91  SCOTTISH RITE JOURNAL for July, 1991       

SRJ-JN91.ZIP    53443  08-13-91  SCOTTISH RITE JOURNAL for June, 1991       

SRJ-MA91.ZIP    50156  04-28-91  SCOTTISH RITE JOURNAL for May 1991         

SRJ-AP91.ZIP    47348  04-10-91  SCOTTISH RITE JOURNAL FOR APRIL 1991       

SRJ-MR91.ZIP    59643  02-28-91  SCOTTISH RITE JOURNAL For MARCH  1991      

SRJ-FE91.ZIP    60783  02-07-91  Scottish Rite Journal for February, 1991   

SRJ-JA91.ZIP    56967  01-01-91  SCOTTISH RITE JOURNAL for Jan 1991         

SRJ-DE90.ZIP    52868  12-31-90  SCOTTISH RITE JOURNAL For Dec. 1990        

SRJ-NO90.ZIP    53590  11-29-90  SCOTTISH RITE JOURNAL for Nov. 1990        

SRJ-OC90.ZIP    41212  11-29-90  SCOTTISH RITE JOURNAL for Oct. 1990        

  Excellent stories about what SHOULD be done to improve Masonry-attendance 

SRJ-SE90.ZIP    58476  10-28-90  SCOTTISH RITE JOURNAL   SEPTEMBER 1990     

SRJ-AU90.ZIP    54716  10-28-90  SCOTTISH RITE JOURNAL   AUGUST 1990        

SRJ-JL90.ZIP    38696  10-28-90  SCOTTISH RITE JOURNAL   JULY 1990          

SRJ-JU90.ZIP    62721  05-23-90  SCOTTISH RITE JOURNAL for June 1990        

SRJ-MA90.ZIP    69399  05-23-90  SCOTTISH RITE JOURNAL for May 1990         

SRJ-AP90.ZIP    31950  05-15-90  SCOTTISH RITE JOURNAL for April 1990       

SRJ-FE90.ZIP    35158  02-16-90  SCOTTISH RITE JOURNAL, Feb.  '90           

SRJ-MR90.ZIP    43216  02-16-90  SCOTTISH RITE JOURNAL, March '90           

SRJ-JA90 ZIP    33569  12-24-89  SCOTTISH RITE JOURNAL  Jan, 1990           

< Total of  57 files in this area >


³                  022    ZIPed files from KTM Knight Templar                 ³


TRIKNIGH.ZIP    11923  03-27-94  The Trial of the Knight's Templars         

  The Builder - April 1916 from MBL                                         

KTM_88  .ZIP    29961  01-05-90  Stories from Knight Templar Mag. Dec. 88   




< Total of  2 files in this area >


³                      023    ZIPed files from Phililathes                    ³


PHL-JN97        52046  08-08-97  Philalethes Mag, June 97  Gen. MacArthur   

   The Fellow who does the job, Shadow of yesteryear, Rosslyn Chapel,       

   Leadership is education, History of the G.L. of Greece, Secrecy !,       

   Spirit of Freemasonry, Talk the Truth, Eternity, Was Rabin a Mason?      

PHL-AP97.ZIP    45106  05-13-97  Philalethes Mag Apr 1997- Phil. Lecture,   

  Where are you, William Preston, You Gota be Kidding, Foundations of the   

  Universe, Allen Roberts, Freemasonry & Architecture, possible derivation  

  of the word "COWAN"                                                 ***** 

PHL-FE97.ZIP    59460  03-24-97  Philalethes Mag Feb 1997- Gen Ben Butler,  

  Joppa (Scotland), Essenes, German Freemasonry & Nazis, MW Charles L. Roman

PHL-DE96.ZIP    59329  12-26-96  Philalethes Mag. Dec. 1996--Chartres, Sam  

  Houston, Discrimination, All Seeing Eye, Masonic internet  &more          

PHL-JU96.ZIP    70703  07-28-96  Philalethes Mag June 1996--French          

  Freemasonry, Hidden face of Masonry in Nazi Germany, Gothe, Louisiana     

  Masonry, Masons in Medicine, Veiled in Allegory.                          

PHL-AP96.ZIP    53552  05-20-96  Philalethes Mag. April 1996                

PHL-FE96.ZIP    74048  02-18-96  Philalethes Magazine, Feb 96.  50th.       

      Annaversary Edition.                                                  

PHL-OC95.ZIP    71624  12-17-95  Philalethes Magazine articles for October  

  1995 French Freemasonry; Misreprenstations of FM; Colorado FM; Purpose    

  of King Solomon's Temple; Online; Memorabilla; Tishri;                    

PHL-AU95.ZIP    60699  12-17-95  Philalethes Magazine articles for August   

  1995--LDS & FM; spectulative connection between Medievak Knightw and      

  Operative Masonry; Mexico (part 3); Godess of Oaths; Memorization;        

  Templar vs. EAø; Secrecy; Mithraism: an early form of Masonry?            

PHL-JU95.ZIP    57976  07-10-95  Philalethes Mag. June 1995.--Masonic       

  Symbols, Their use & abuse by W. McLeod; Freemasonry & the Dictator;      

  Heirs; The art of Listning; Women & Freemasonry; Why the secrecy?         

PHL-AP95.ZIP    51198  04-19-95  The President's corner; North              

  America's "Most Masonic " Postage Stamps; From the Editor's desk;         

  Change, The Six letter, "Four Letter" Word, by Robert G. Davis FPS,       

  Mexican Grand Masters and Presidents, York, Scottish and Plain Vanilla,   

  by Paul Rich MPS; The   Rites and Lodges of Femminine Freemasonry and     

  Co-Masonry by Michael L. Segall; Export Freemasonryby John J. Olk MPS;    

  The Tommorrow of Freemasonry by Edward Struble MPS                        

PHL-FE95.ZIP    60233  02-23-95  Philalethes Mag  Feb. 95  Kit Carson MM &  

  the Santa Fe Trail; Mexican Masonry; Response to the first Schism in      

  Freemasonry; All of Freemasonry is divided into three parts; Will you be  

  Off or Of?; Los Angeles, the early days of Masonry                        

PHL-DE94 ZIP    54297  12-26-94  Philalethes Mag. Dec 1995                  

  The Case of the Reappearing Medallions by George T. Halteman, MPS; The    

  Symbolism of Stone by Leon Zeldis, FPS; Freemasonry and the Scout         

  Movement by George W. Kerr Mexican Freemasonry; The Devil's Government    

  by Paul Rich, MPS;  Abraham Lincoln and Freemasonry by Paul M. Bessel,    

  MPS;  Jacques De Molay, The Knights Templar & Freemasonry by William E.   

  Parker MPS                                                                

PHL-OC94 ZIP    56661  12-26-94  Philalethes Mag. Oct.1994                  

  Whys & Wherefores by George Peter, MPS; The Theology of Crime by E.       

  Scott Ryan, MPS Another View of Symbolism by Howard R. Stewart, MPS; The  

  First Schism in Freemasonry by Michael Jenkyns MPS; Grand Lodge Library   

  and Museum Named in Honor of Allen Earl Roberts; Men and Masonry          

  Development Through Mentoring by C. Victor Ramey MPS; Knights Templar and 

  Religion by Jack J. Early MPS; In Search of Light by Eugene Hobgood MPS;  

  An Appeal For Information by Ron Beger; The Baltimore Convention of 1843  

  by Bo. J. Jensen MPS                                                      

PHL-AU94 ZIP    71596  12-26-94  Philalethes Mag  Aug.1994                  

  Forty Years Ago,by Rick E. Gustalfson MPS; Masonic Blue by Leon Zeldis    

  "Welsh Masonic Choir" by William L. Hughes; "Freemasonry, what for?"      

  by Michael L. Segall, MPS; Old Leatherface, The Masonic Secret we hide    

  in plain sight,by F. H. Pullen; Is Freemasonry out of Step With the Times 

  by Richard C. Freedman                                                    

PHL-JU94.ZIP    87336  07-19-94  Philalethes Magazine   June 1994           

PHL-AP94.ZIP    70813  05-07-94  Philalethes Magazine  April 1994           

  (This version has NOT been corrected from the scan- insufficient time)    

PHL-FE94.ZIP    78089  03-05-94   Philalethes Mag Feb. 94--Friend-to        

  Friend; Israel; Historical Research; F.U.E.L. for the 90s, pt1; French    

  Masonry today; Anchor; Broached Thurnel; 225 yrs. in Winchester, VA.;more 

PHL-OC93 ZIP    66771  12-16-93  Philalethes Mag. Oct. 1993                 

  Take due notice--these are copywrited.  If you use any parts, give full   

  credit to the publication!!                                               

PHL-AP93 ZIP    69074  12-16-93  Philalethes Mag. Apr. 1993                 

PHL-AU93 ZIP    63130  10-09-93  Philalethes Mag. Aug. 1993                 

PHL-JU93 ZIP    68693  10-08-93  Philalethes Mag. Jul. 1993                 

PHL-FE93 ZIP    66761  10-08-93  Philalethes Mag  Feb. 1993                 

PHL-DE92.ZIP    76362  12-25-92  Philalethes Mag  for Dec. 92               

PHL-OC92.ZIP    69770  10-19-92  Philalethes Mag for Oct. 92.  MUST READING 

PHL-AU92.ZIP    71409  08-16-92  Philalethes Mag.  Aug. 1992 (Copyright)    

  Black&White;Civil Religion;Origion pt II;Wagner;festive Board;Dream       

PHL-JU92.ZIP    69058  07-02-92  Philalethes Magazine for June 1992         

PHL-AP92.ZIP    62128  04-25-92  PHILALETHES Mag April 92                   

PHL-FE92.ZIP    71746  02-09-92  Philalethes Mag.  Feb.1992  Excellent      

PHL-DE91 ZIP    72624  01-07-92  Philalethes Magazine, Dec.'91  includes    

  many excellent Articles sutable for Lodge officers!!                      

PHL-OC91.ZIP    70120  11-01-91  Philalethes Mag for October 1991           

  EXCELLENT for Lodge officers.                                             

PHL-AU91.ZIP    74748  08-18-91  Philalethes  Mag. Aug. 1991  Among the many

  excellent stories is "The Tutonic Knights". a German parallel   to        

  Robinson's Born in Blood (England and France)  though there is no mention 

  of Freemasonry in this article.                                           

PHL-JU91.ZIP    71035  08-01-91  Philalethes Mag--June 91                   

  If you really believe Masonry is unchangeable, read this issue.           

  Also contains an excellent article on LANDMARKS (whatever they are!!!)    

PHL-AP91.ZIP    69536  05-02-91  Philalethes Mag.  April 1991               

PHL-FE91.ZIP    73076  03-03-91  Philalethes Magazine for February, 1991    

PHL-DE90.ZIP    79609  01-11-91  Philalethes Mag. for Dec. 90  Many good    

  stories for Lodge Officers--MUST reading!!                                

PHL-OC90.ZIP    86758  11-23-90  PHILALETHES MAGAZINE  OCT 90               

  An exceptionally good issue.  Articles on philosophy and Masonry, esp.    

  several on recognizing PHA Lodges.                                        

PHL-AU90.ZIP    66948  08-25-90  Philalethes Mag.  August 1990              

PHL-JU90.ZIP    63546  05-25-90  Philalethes June 1990                      

PHL-AP90.ZIP    62739  04-27-90  Philalethes Mag.  April 1990               

PHL-FE90.ZIP    84563  02-24-90  Philalethes Magazine   Febuary 1990        

PHL-DE89.ZIP    49249  10-20-89  Philalethes Mag. Articles  Dec. 90         

PHL-89.ZIP      95474  10-20-89  Philalethes Mag. articles for '89          

ODD-89.ZIP     104386  10-20-89  Odd articles from Philalethes Mag.  '89    

PHL-JU89.ZIP    81007  08-31-89  Philalethes Mag June  1989                 

PHL-AP89.ZIP    77709  04-01-89  PHILALETHES MAGAZINE APRIL 89              

PHL-MA46.ZIP    25464  03-21-89  PHILALETHES MAG   MAY 1946                 

< Total of  47 files in this area >


³                    024    ZIPed files from Research Lodges                  ³


SCRL0394.ZIP    16759  03-15-94  SCRL for March 94.                         

NRL-FE94.ZIP     3986  03-05-94   Northern Light, Feb. 94   "Why is         

  so puzzling to non-Masons" by Richard Curtis 33ø, Editor                  

SCRL-FE3.ZIP    14860  02-12-93  Southern Cal. Res. Lodge-Feb 93--PHA and   

  CA GL talks--book & Vidio reviews-GL Nationale Francaise Miracle of 1913  

  and other short articles                                                  

VCTR-01.ZIP      8069  01-17-93  Victoria Lodge of Research, Sept 1992      

  Some aspects of Russian Freemasonry  &  The initation into a Russina      

  Lodge in 1815  (From Quator Quranatti)                                    

SCRL-193.ZIP    16559  01-10-93  SCRL bulletins for Jan, 93.  including     

  "Stop and sit awhile) & "Utah Masons among the Mormons)  [Excellent]      

SCRL-NO2.ZIP     7453  11-23-92  Southern Ca. Resarch Lodge--Nov. 92        

SCRLOC92.ZIP    11602  01-20-92  SCRL review-- "Footprints" (excellent!     

  A Bible Presentation--Story about new BBS in San Diego (619) 526-0137     

SCRL992.ZIP     19244  10-06-92  Southern California Research Lodge Review  

  Sept. 1992.---Great review of John Robinson's talk at Long beach, CA. plus

  report of SBC action, and other reports---MUST READING for all!!!         

AMR-V1N4.ZIP    29163  09-29-92  American Masonic Review-Fall 92            

FLV2N4.ZIP      58340  09-24-92  Fiat Lux Lodge of Research Vol 2 #4        

SCRL0992.ZIP    19570  09-10-92  Sep 1992 SCRL Fraternal Review - more      

SCRL-692.ZIP     3334  06-28-92  SCTL Fraternal Review                      

  About NY Meetings; PHA & Canada; England about candidates                 

DOCTRINE.ZIP    13064  06-02-92  Research Lodge paper by MW S.W. Miner      

  Grand Sec. F.A.A.M. DC on 5/30/92.  "The American Doctrine--   a concept  

  under Seige"   He talks about Territorial Jurisdiction, PHA amd other     


SCRLMA92.ZIP    17013  06-01-92  SCRL  May 92 articles--NY state may go to  

  business in the EAø-more on PHA-Early Masonry by Kit Haffner-Knighthood   

  and A MASONIC SIGN AVOIDS A NEAR TRAJEDY (1858)                           

SCRL-492.ZIP    16785  04-19-92  Fraternal Review from Southern Ca.         

  Research Lodge" Rotary & Freemasonry. Dewitt Clinton, Review of           

  Workman Unashamed, by Cris Haffner, and other potporri                    

SCRLDE91 ZIP    11024  01-07-92  S.C.R.L. tidbits for Dec. '91---story abt. 

  Star & Garter, Public Relations, GL of Portugal, Prince Hall  etc.        

SCR-1191.ZIP    12976  11-21-91  From Southern Ca. Res. Lodge Nov. 91  3    

  excellent articles, one by John Graham that EVERY  Mason who THINKS he is 

  a Leader, should read and digest--Graham tells it "LIKE IT IS"            

1776-91.ZIP     91849  11-15-91  Complete transactions of Va. Lodge #1776 of

  Research, for 1991--including VAs District Dep. Grand Masters System, What

  Makes you a Mason, Masonry & Religion, John Marshall, Masonic Education   

  Freemasonry & Its Critics- (a talk by John Robinson, 5*)                  

FLV1N14.ZIP     43690  10-27-91  Fiat Lux lodge of research v1 #14          

  Anglican Church & Freemasonry; Compamass; Fiat-Lux-Masonic Light; Why does

  Alberta have 2 Rites?; The Royar road to GEOMETRY                         

FLV1N13.ZIP     25635  10-27-91  Fiat Lux lodge of research v1 #13          

  Where is the Craft in alberta going?;The Freemason's Square;Johann Boeber 

  John Boswell; Siginifince of the East; Demit!; Christmas Time             

REUSS01.ZIP     39567  10-17-91  FROM QCL 16 Feb. 1978    THEODOR REUSS     

  Irregular Freemasonry in Gremany 1900-1923 by Bro. Ellic Howe & Prof.     

  Helmut Moller (Gottingen), (this is a long esoteric work, but interesting)

FLV1N12.ZIP     25672  08-30-91  fiat lux lodge of research v1 #12   CDN    

  Benjamin Franklin ++ Charlatan ++ How Wahpun Lodge #88 got its name       

FLV1N11.ZIP     24583  08-30-91  fiat lux lodge of research v1 #11   CDN    

  Falling membership, so What!! +++ Cabletow +++ Workload of a Lodge        

FLV1N10.ZIP     21350  08-30-91  fiat lux lodge of research v1 #10          

  More's Utopia, a Masonic Ideal+++Thomas McPherson,  Freemason      CDN    

TEMPTRAD.ZIP    13540  08-17-91  The Templar Tradition--Yesterday and Today 

  By Gaetan Delaforge   (the following 5 files are from Alberta, CD.        

PRIOSION.ZIP    24308  08-17-91  THE PRIORY OF SION, Jesus, Freemasons,     

  Extraterrestrials, The Gnomes of Zurich, Black Israelites and             

  Noon Blue Apples       by Robert Anton Wilson      GNOSIS #6              

HISTGLA.ZIP    137767  08-17-91  History of Grand Lodge of Alberta          

BRAITH.ZIP      14719  08-17-91  Edward A. Braithwaite                      

  Pioneer Doctor and Freemason of the west                                  

FRE&HERM.ZIP     9930  08-17-91  Freemasonry and the Hermetic Tradition     

GLB89.ZIP       57881  08-09-91  Grand Lodge of Alta Bulletins 1989         

FLV1N9.ZIP      16187  08-09-91  fiat lux lodge of research v1 #9           

  MASONIC PHILOSOPHY AN OVERVIEW   Bro.  Robert G. Aberdeen, P.G.St,        

  These are from the Grand Lodge of Alberta, CN.                            

FLV1N8.ZIP      15162  08-09-91  fiat lux lodge of research v1 #8           

FLV1N7.ZIP      10422  08-09-91  fiat lux lodge of research v1 #7           

  EVER BEARING IN MIND   Bro. Stanley K. Sproul, P.D.D.G.M.                 

FLV1N06.ZIP     17090  15-28-91  Fiat Lux Research Lodge vol 1 no 6         

  Personal Values, tribute to Harry Carr, The Beehive                       

FLV1N05.ZIP     25980  15-28-91  Fiat Lux Research Lodge vol 1 no 5         

  Who will close the door?, The Trestleboard, The Globes, Listing of        

  Research Lodges World Wide                                                

FLV1N04.ZIP     27143  15-28-91  Fiat Lux Research Lodge vol 1 no 4         

  Masonic Trials in Alberta                                                 

FLV1N3.ZIP      32150  05-21-91  fiat lux vol1 num3                         


FLV1N2.ZIP      43238  05-21-91  Fiat lux vol1 num2                         

  THE MISTS OF ANTIQUITY by  W. J. (Jack) Collett, P.G.M.                   


FLV1N1.ZIP      42716  05-21-91  Fiat lux vol1 num1                         

  LANDMARKS; JEPHTHAH ; FREEWILL ; 2 RITUALS; Object of meeting in lodge    


GLB90.ZIP       58150  05-21-91  G.L. Alberta Bulletins 1990 wp5.1 format   

FLV2N3.ZIP      36702  05-21-91  Fiat lux vol2 num3 files ASCII FORMAT      

  "A WELL KEPT SECRET"   Presented by T Hargreaves                          

  "MEMORIZING and DELIVERING the WORK"   by Bro.  Myron Lusk                

  AN EXCITING MASONIC VISIT  by Bro.  Norman Senn                           

  CONTEMPORARY ANTI-FREEMASONRY by W. Bro.  John M. Hamill, PJGD            

FLV2N2.ZIP      34336  05-21-91  Fiat lux vol2 num2 files in ASCII          

  THE TRAVELLING MASON  Prince Hail Masonry, What is Happening?             

  by R.W. Bro.  Norm Senn, PDDGM                                            

  THE PAST MASTER  by R.W. Bro.  Norman Senn, PDDGM                         

  HAVE WE LOST OUR WAY? by Bro.  Howard Wyatt, P. Asst.  Prov.  G.M., P.M.  

  FIDELITY. FIDELITY? FIDELITY! by R.W. Bro.  A.G.B. Gibbs, PDDGM           

  THE CHALLENGE FOR THE 1990's by R.W. Bro.  A.G.B. Gibbs, PDDGM            

FLV2N1.ZIP      21266  05-21-91  Fiat lux vol2 num1 files wp5.1 format      

  MILITARY LODGES  by R.W. Bro.  R.J. Sutherland, PDDG, Quarry Lodge No. 70 

  MASONIC VISITATION  by R.W. Bro.  Norman Senn, PDDGM, G.R. Alberta        

  LANDMARKS, BOURNES AND FENCEPOSTS   by W. Bro.  BGD Cameron               

TRN11777.ZIP    55623  10-25-89  TRANSACTIONS-1 -VA. Lodge of Research 1777 

SMITHTXT.ZIP   144000  12-03-88  ASCII Transcations of Smith Research Lg.   

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³                    025    ZIPed files from Various Sources                  ³


NLGT-AU9 ZIP     9349  12-16-93  From Northern Light Mag Aug 93--Casting    

  the First Stone  &  Solomons Temple in America                            

RAFALL91.ZIP    32640  11-07-91  Royal Arch Magazine Articles  Fall 1991    

  Articles= Crown, Book, Censor, Barbados, Gensis,Research,Service,Memorial 

BROWN01  ZIP   133764  12-21-87  All Stories by William A. Brown            

  Past Grand Histrian, GL Va. PM of Alexandria-Washington #22, Alex, Va.    

< Total of  3 files in this area >


³                     026    Masonic Clip Art and Art Work                    ³


GR-BLUE.ZIP   1050973  05-01-97  Graphics--for Blue Lodges    new 5/1/97    

  (We have purged the board of separate and mixed .ZIP files.)  Graphics    

  are now catagorized as below. The old graphics have been combined with    

  a new upload and duplications have been deleted.            new 5/1/97    

GR-YOUTH.ZIP   699847  05-01-97  Graphics--Youth; Demolay, Jobes, Rainbow   

GR-RAM.ZIP     139310  05-01-97  Graphics--Royal Arch Masons                

GR-KT.ZIP       91768  05-01-97  Graphics--Knight Templar                   

GR-LADIE.ZIP   243745  05-01-97  Graphics--Ladies; Logos for OES,LOS,DON ++ 

GR-SR.ZIP      207828  05-01-97  Graphics--Scottish Rite                    

GR-SHRIN.ZIP   200647  05-01-97  Graphics--Shrine + some Unit Logos         

GR-ODD.ZIP     138859  05-01-97  Graphics--Others, not included above       


COLORPIX.ZIP  1044116  07-29-96  Several dozen color Masonic graphics       

  For Preston Burner -- Several dozen assorted Masonic graphics, all in     

  color.  There may be some duplicates, but some look similar but are in    

  different formats.  (do YOU have more to upload??)                        

S&CBMP   ZIP    10417  04-01-96  Masonry graphics                           

MASONRY  BMP   153718  04-01-96  Masonry wallpaper for Win                  

CS       BMP    13158  04-01-96  Masonry wallpaper for win                  

CLRGRAFX.ZIP    90098  10-01-95  Graphics of OES,DeMolay,Shrine,33deg       

  These graphics are taken from several zip files already in existance.     

  They are in 3 different formats, BMP, GIF, and PCX.  Can be used as       

  windows wallpaper, clipart, or simply to display onscreen.                

C&S.GIF        141607  06-16-95  Very elegant Square & Compass in color     

  Shows beautiful on screen, but difficult to print.  Comments Please.      

TBLLDG.ZIP      68500  11-18-94  TIF pictures appropriate for table Lodges  

HMLOGO.GIF       2400  11-04-94  Logo for the CIS GO MASONRY forum.         

  Lightning bolts for the arms of the compass and a computer in the center  

GWMNM.PCX      101573  03-21-94   Scan of George Washingtion Masonic        

  Memorial Temple  in Alexandria Va.                                        

GWMNM.TIF       71400  03-21-94   GW Memorial scan                          

GOMASN.ZIP      26211  10-02-93  Compu$erve GO MASONRY  logo in .PCX fmt    

  Both of these have been recently updated                                  

MASONPCX.ZIP    90686  09-03-93  16 Masonic emblems in PCX format.          

EMBLEM.ZIP     685824  01-01-93  Masomic emblems from CIS.  Are old prints  

  in .TIF format.  I added only one to the GR-BLUE.ZIP file, a good past    

  master jewell.                                                            

GL-VA-SL.PCX    17108  10-16-92  The Seal of the Grand Lodge of Virginia    

LOS-SHLD.ZIP     8939  02-11-92  Logo Shield for Ladies Oriental Shrine     

HIBLLY.ZIP      11149  03-26-91  TIFFs of Shrine Hillbilly and Cob emblem   

ROOSTER.ZIP     35290  02-20-91  .TIF Picture of a Rooster                  

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Out of place files

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