World’s largest private collection of Masonic and Shrine related pictures

Welcome to my personal collection of Masonic pictures and videos, within this site are links to tens of thousands of pictures and some videos of Freemasons and Shriners events from the Virginia and Washington DC area, going back near twenty (25) years, (as of 2018).


Effective April 2019, most of these links to pictures no longer work, Google  announced their decision to shut down Google+

The pictures are on Google Photos, but unfortunately Google does not provide a way for me to share all of the photo albums with one link, so for now, I need to share a link to each album Individually. 

If you need access to some pictures, please contact me with the location, date of the event, and I will email you a link to the shared album, email me at:

In 2016 Google also shutdown Google Picasa were all Web Albums could be shared all of the pictures where moved from Picasa to Google Phones, and published via Google +, then Google turns around and shuts Google + down too.

What Is Freemasonry? 

The Grand Lodge, A.F. & A.M., of Virginia. Eight minute video which explains the origins of and about modern day Freemasonry. With 2008 Grand Master of Virginia, Most Worshipful Ed Cohen. Narrated by Wor. Don McAndrews.

Clipart & Images

World's LARGEST and oldest collection of Masonic clip art, graphics, logos, artwork, images, pictures, and thousands of text files with story's information and facts about Freemasons anywhere on the Internet!

Thousand’s of pictures of events at my mother Lodge, Acacia Lodge No. 16. There are also pictures of other Masonic and Shrine related events too.

Pictures of Masons Pictures of Shriners Pictures of Freemasons Pictures of Shrine Pictures of Masonic Pictures of Freemasonry Photographs of Masons Photographs of Shriners Photographs of Freemasons Photographs of Shrine Photographs of Masonic Photographs of Freemasonry